Tips & Insights

Preparing for Electrical Power Interruptions

July 19, 2016

A blackout is a momentary or prolonged loss of power. A blackout can result in lost or corrupted data, failures of process control equipment, and loss of products or services. A brownout is a significant voltage reduction which results in similar problems. Both of these conditions can be considered power interruptions or outages. A power interruption can happen for any number of reasons and at any time of the day or year. Planning for this event, which will happen sooner or later, is key. What can you do to prepare for a power interruption?

Tips & Insights

Guidelines for Providing Surge Protection

April 11, 2016

When it comes to losses of electrical and electronic equipment, few events can match the destruction caused by surges (transients) and electrical noise. These phenomena are responsible for about 50 percent of most electronic equipment failures today—and that doesn’t even begin to take into account the latent damage or degradation to electrical equipment caused by surges.

Tips & Insights

Equipment Maintenance Checklist

February 10, 2016

Making sure that the equipment supporting your work environment is fully operational is a priority for those who focus on facilities management. Whether heating and cooling, electrical or computer networks, continually maintaining such equipment is key to ensuring seamless operations. We are pleased to share a comprehensive checklist for the inspection, testing and maintenance of various building systems such as boilers, air conditioning, electrical and mechanical. Authored by our partners at Hartford Steam Boiler, this material will help those accountable for facilities management address maintenance plans.