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Robbery Prevention

November 7, 2017

There has been a significant increase in robberies of community banks in certain geographic locations. Some community banks are resorting to utilizing "controlled access" for customer entry into the bank. This article offers some suggestions on enhancing existing robbery policies and procedures. While you may not always be able to prevent a robbery, you can take steps to help make your bank less of a target and protect employees in the process, particularly when robbers are looking to use more aggressive tactics.

Enhancement Suggestions

The Vault

  • Consider adding marked bills as “bait money” within the main cash vault.
  • Use safe deposit boxes to spread excess vault cash into smaller increments.
  • Place a 15 Minute Delay Time Lock on the cash vault if possible.

The Teller Line

  • Cash recycler machines (CRM) can help to reduce the amount of cash exposed to a robbery. Many CRMs have a built-in “robbery mode” feature. If the teller activates the feature, the CRM will dispense a predetermined amount of cash and automatically shut down for approximately 20 minutes. The triggering of “robbery mode” can also be configured to activate the bank’s silent alarm system.

The Building

  • “All Clear/Morning Glory Procedures” should be implemented at all locations. Everyone should be aware of procedures related to opening and closing the bank. They should be reviewed and changed regularly so potential robbers have a more difficult time following your routine.
  • Camera positions should allow clear view of people’s faces entering and exiting the bank. In addition, a camera should also be placed in a position to give a clear view of the parking lot (for a car description and possible license plate number).    

The Front Door

  • Publicize (signs on the main entrance) the usage of Cash Recyclers, 15 Minute Delayed Time Locks and cameras. The more sophisticated robber will case a location first, see the notifications and move elsewhere.

Your Employees

  • Until someone is faced with a robbery scenario, it’s hard to know how they will react. The best way to keep calm during the situation is to review and rehearse robbery procedures. The more you prepare your employees, the higher the probability of a safe result for them and your customers.

Money can be replaced, but lives cannot.



This article is provided for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or risk management advice. Readers should consult their own counsel for such advice.

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