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Changes to EPL Risk Management Services

Resources for employment practices liability policyholders

August 2, 2018

Employment Practices Liability Risk Mangement Services

OneBeacon wants to continue to assist our policyholders in managing employment practices issues in their workplace. Beginning on August 1, employment practices liability policyholders will continue to have access to a comprehensive package of risk management products and services - now provided by Jackson Lewis P.C., a national law firm providing workplace law representation to management. 

Powered by Jackson Lewis P.C., OneBeacon is pleased to deliver the Prevent & Protect Portal to provide risk management solutions for our policyholders. The Portal includes a comprehensive package of risk management products and services thoughtfully designed to help insureds manage their workforce and reduce potential exposure on employment-related liability. Because it is designed by Jackson Lewis attorneys, this portal will contain the latest information pertaining to workplace law topics. 

Sample Resources and Services Provided

Training and resource materials include:

  • Interactive maps to update employers on key state laws
  • Sample human resource policies and employee handbook
  • An easily searchable, regularly updated library of over 2,500 articles on a wide range of labor and employment topics
  • Labor and employment library of podcasts and webinars, plus access to more than 20 labor and employment blogs
  • General information on issues such as wage-hour, leaves of absences, background checks, drug testing and more
  • Employment practices checklists to assist in evaluating the approach to important employment issues, such as issues to consider prior to terminating an employee

Policyholders also gain access to additional resources including:

  • A "1-800" Helpline
  • Interactive executive, manager and employee training via GoToMeeting on a mutually agreed topic
  • Special webinars on current topics, and new developments in labor and employment law

Discounted rates to assist with the development of preventive practices, preparing employee  handbooks and training supervisors

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