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Equipment Maintenance Checklist

February 10, 2016


Authored by our partners at Hartford Steam Boiler, this checklist is meant as a guide to what actions should take place - it is not an instruction on how to complete the activities. Equipment should only be inspected, tested and maintained by qualified trained personnel.


Continued safe operation of your equipment depends on regular maintenance and testing of its operating and protective controls. The tests outlined below are designed to determine whether or not the equipment and controls are in good operating condition. The applicable log sheet should be used to guide you and document results.


Should any test indicate that the device being tested or observed is not in good operating condition, it should be repaired immediately. Record and maintain records of repairs or changes so that a complete record will be available for review at any time.


Equipment procedures and maintenance guidelines should be kept in a central location for quick reference when needed. If missing, research manufacturers’ websites for the service, operating and parts manuals for the installed equipment models.


Read and follow all manufacturers’ guidelines and instructions for periodic service, maintenance and inspection of equipment and systems.


You should have an emergency shutdown procedure for critical equipment. Educate key employees on how to implement these procedures.

Don’t wait for equipment failure!

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